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  1. Learning to Teach CS1100/CS1111


    • Open terminal after pressing super key or using shortcut CTRL+ALT+T
    • ls - list the files in the current directory
    • pwd - List the path of the working directory/folder.
    • mkdir <DIRNAME> - Creates a directory named <DIRNAME>
    • cd <DIRNAME> - change directory to whatever specified in <DIRNAME>
    • rmdir <DIRNAME>- removed the …
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  2. Linux

    This is where I am logging everything I know about Linux. There are so many distros out there. Whatever here works on debian based system like Ubuntu or Linux Mint, and might need a slight tinkering for other distros.

    command - ls

    • ls -l - long listing the file
    • ls -lrt - list …
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  3. Handling Lab Course

    First Lab

    These are things we must be doing from different stake holders.


    • We should know the strength of the class and give them how the lab is going be conducted.
    • System logins ready
    • Create a sheet that had list of assignments and list of TA per assignments.

    TAs …

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