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Rajesh is a final year PhD/Research Student in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at IIT Madras. I am advised by Prof. N.S.Narayanaswamy and Prof. Rupesh Nasre. My broad research area is parallelization which includes GPU Computing, Graph Analytics and High-performance Computing (HPC). I get excited about every aspect of parallelizing graph algorithms/problems on GPUs. As an open-source advocate, all our source codes are public to encourage the reproducibility of our experiments.

As I have an innate tendency to tinker and fix things, it adds more value to our time-bound projects to quickly resolve infrastructure issues and focus on research. I always document my technical encounters on my blog for later reference, which is/was helpful for other members of our group and me.

My PGP Key ID is 0xEA64BABE. If you wish to send me an encrypted email, you are always welcome! :-)

On job market--industry/academia. I am actively looking for Researcher/PostDoc positions in GPU/Parallel Computing or HPC.


Link to my CV updated:13-Feb-2023.