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Rajesh is a final year PhD/Research Student in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at IIT Madras. I am advised by Prof. N.S.Narayanaswamy and Prof. Rupesh Nasre. My broad research area is parallelization which includes are GPU Computing, High-performance Computing and Graph Analytics. I get excited about every aspect of parallelizing graph algorithms/problems on GPUs. As an open-source advocate, all our source codes are public to encourage the reproducibility of our experiments.

As I have an innate tendency to tinker and fix things, it adds more value to our time-bound projects to quickly resolve infrastructure issues and focus on research. I always document my technical endeavours on my blog for later reference, which is helpful for other members of our group and me.

My PGP Key ID is 0xEA64BABE. If you wish to send me an encrypted email, you are always welcome! :-)

I am actively looking for Post-Doctoral Research (or Research internship) positions in Parallel/GPU Computing or HPC.


Link to my CV updated:15-June-2023.