Learning to Teach CS1100/CS1111


  • Open terminal after pressing super key or using shortcut CTRL+ALT+T
  • ls - list the files in the current directory
  • pwd - List the path of the working directory/folder.
  • mkdir <DIRNAME> - Creates a directory named <DIRNAME>
  • cd <DIRNAME> - change directory to whatever specified in <DIRNAME>
  • rmdir <DIRNAME>- removed the empty directory as specfied.
  • date - system date/time
  • clear - clear
  • man <CMD> - manual or help pages for all the commands.

Hello World Program

  • Learn Hello World program.
  • Learn to type and save
  • Learn to compile and debug errors if any.
  • Learn to execute or run the program.

Evaluations of expressions / datatypes

scanf and printf


condition - if else

loop - while/do-while/for

File reading

Self learning

  • gets is deprecated fgets(str, 100, stdin)
  • terminal buffer
  • variable length array vs malloc // stack vs host alloc
  • variadic function
  • Not to return char array
  • there is no reference in c // only pointers
  • the blow is a error in C/gcc. it is okay if you compile with gcc


void swap(int &a, int &b){
  *a = *a + *b;
  *b = *a - *b;
  *a = *a - *b;
  • This is how we should do in c/gcc


void swap(int *a, int *b){
  *a = *a + *b;
  *b = *a - *b;
  *a = *a - *b;