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  1. My Learnings

    Some say learning stops when you grow old. But, according to me Learning begins from the day we are born till the our last breath. I am making a note of whatever I had(/have been) learnt(/learning) during my stay at IIT Madras. Everyone you see in this world …

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  2. ACM Member

    Rajesh's has joined as member of ACM. He have got an unique url and email at ACM. See this http://member.acm.org/~mrprajesh

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  3. HiPC 2018!

    Rajesh has attended the HiPC conference which happened at Bangalore, India. He has met many students from IIIT hyderabad, IIT Tirupati. It was very useful and motivating towards his research direction.

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  4. Learning to Teach CS1100/CS1111


    • Open terminal after pressing super key or using shortcut CTRL+ALT+T
    • ls - list the files in the current directory
    • pwd - List the path of the working directory/folder.
    • mkdir <DIRNAME> - Creates a directory named <DIRNAME>
    • cd <DIRNAME> - change directory to whatever specified in <DIRNAME>
    • rmdir <DIRNAME>- removed the …
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  5. Linux

    This is where I am logging everything I know about Linux. There are so many distros out there. Whatever here works on debian based system like Ubuntu or Linux Mint, and might need a slight tinkering for other distros.

    command - ls

    • ls -l - long listing the file
    • ls -lrt - list …
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  6. Handling Lab Course

    First Lab

    These are things we must be doing from different stake holders.


    • We should know the strength of the class and give them how the lab is going be conducted.
    • System logins ready
    • Create a sheet that had list of assignments and list of TA per assignments.

    TAs …

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  7. ACM Lecture Series

    As part of the "50 Years of Turing Award" talk series, the eighth talk has been scheduled at IIT Madras. The details are as follows:

    • Topic : Contributions ofJudea Pearl(Turing Award Recipient of 2011 for his invention of Bayesian Networks)
    • Speaker: Prof. Deepak Khemani (Dept. of CSE, IIT Madras)
    • Date …
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  8. Hello Pelican!

    Hello There! I made this website using pelican. The coolest thing about pelican is you do not have to know html to create webpage. I simply create a text file(markdown files) and it generates the HTML files for your. Of course you need know the markdown syntax. Moreover, I …

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