Our area of research is Graph Algorithms. More specifically, accelerating the performance of Graph Algorithms on GPUs.

I am really fortunate to have my Ph.D. advisors as N.S. Narayanaswamy (also my M.Tech. project's advisor) and Rupesh Nasre. Both of them are wonderful professors/researchers I have ever met. From them, I have not just learnt doing research but also about good human values and other life+soft skills.

Quite recently, we have been working on these problems:


  1. Accelerating Computation of Steiner Trees on GPUs

    • Rajesh Pandian M, Rupesh Nasre and N.S. Narayanaswamy.
    • (Accepted) International Journal of Parallel Programming, 2021. (PDF) (DOI) Slides Video
  2. // More to follow.