Git and Github

Git is a cool versioning manager and Github is awesome. You could manage large open/close software projects.

To install

sudo apt-get install git

Git - commands to know

  • git clone <URL> - Clone the repository <URL> may be github url.
  • git add <File/FOLDER> - Monitors the file/FOLDER for changes
  • git commit -m "<MESSAGE>" - give a meaningful name to your commit.
  • git commit -m "<MESSAGE>" -a - commits all tracked changes.
  • git push origin master - Push the last commit to the remote server

These are handy quick cmds.

  • git log - Check the commits history
  • git status - Files monitored by git
  • git pull - Pull and updates local repo from server

One time setup

As all the commits are logged with the username and email. It is a must to setup this. used global as I wanted the same setup for all my repos.

git config --global "YOUR FULL NAME"
git config --global ""