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  1. TS submission

    We submitted to Transportation Science - DIMACS special issue. This submission was a different learning experience. ..writing up such that we project whatever good things we had and squeeze out even the tiny benefits from our approach -- was a nice learning experience. I had (and still have) the problem of writing …

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  2. First Acceptance!

    After multiple attempts to publish our work at ICPP and PPoPP. Our work on Steiner Tree is accepted for Publication at IJPP 2022. This is my first and latest Research work. The research paper "Accelerating Computation of Steiner Trees on GPUs" with my advisors is published in the International Journal …

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  3. Seminar at TCE

    Rajesh's gave an online seminar talk about doing research for the students of TCE. Although Rajesh is not the perfect person (according to Rajesh ;-) to do so, Rajesh had shared the experiences of doing and writing up research works at IIT Madras. The event was conducted as a part of …

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  4. HiPC 2018!

    Rajesh has attended the HiPC conference which happened at Bangalore, India. He has met many students from IIIT hyderabad and IIT Tirupati. It was very useful and motivating towards his research direction.

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  5. ACM Lecture Series

    As part of the "50 Years of Turing Award" talk series, the eighth talk has been scheduled at IIT Madras. The details are as follows:

    • Topic : Contributions ofJudea Pearl(Turing Award Recipient of 2011 for his invention of Bayesian Networks)
    • Speaker: Prof. Deepak Khemani (Dept. of CSE, IIT Madras)
    • Date …
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  6. Hello Pelican!

    Hello There! I made this website using pelican. The coolest thing about pelican is you do not have to know html to create webpage. I created a few text files (more preciely markdown files) and pelican generated the HTML files for me. Of course you need know the markdown syntax …

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