TS submission

We submitted to Transportation Science - DIMACS special issue. This submission was a different learning experience. ..writing up such that we project whatever good things we had and squeeze out even the tiny benefits from our approach -- was a nice learning experience. I had (and still have) the problem of writing my thoughts from my mind coherently, whereas I could explain them orally. I usually get distracted due to the typos I make, formatting and spelling mistakes, latex syntax errors+warnings and would miss the plot.

But, the Grammarly Chrome add-on helped me write many sentences and spellings correctly (directly on overleaf in place), which otherwise I would have written incorrectly.

Rupesh says

Alternative is to use a two-pass approach: Simply write main points in the first pass. The second pass can expand. Since the first pass is over, getting into typos will not deviate you from the larger context.