STAR Teaching Assistant award 3rd time!

Rajesh is selected as one of the outstanding teaching assistant (STAR TA) for Jan-May 2021. Rajesh is getting award for the third time. This time, it is for CS1111 - Problem Solving Using Computers. Instructor is Jayalal Sarma. It was very challenging to conduct the lab course online due to pandemic situation. Replit is our saviour without which it might have been a difficult task. CS1111 is a first-year programming course for CS under-graduates. Last time it was for N.S.Narayanaswamy's CS1111, and before that it was for Rupesh Nasres's OOAIA course. This time award ceremony happened online on 03-Sep-2021 17:00. The awards were presented names of awardees were read by HoD CSE. Thank to Krishna Nandivada for making it happen every year.

Some tools that helped us out.