Hosted on Github + my domain

Site up

Mirroring my cse site on Github pages as as well as

My workflow to publish on domain took lesser time. Now, I can update the site quickly.

  • Thanks to Pelican - static site generator.
  • Github pages - is my web-hosting space. It is free.
  • For my domain, I had purchased two year domain from Godaddy (800 INR) -- was un-parked 15 months.
  • Added custom domain to Gh-pages and enabled https access for free. Thanks Github.
  • Made some tinkering to theme.

This is C/C++ language. Do you see the highlighting of code blocks. It is due to this.

#include <stdio.h>
int main(){
    print("Hello There!\n");
    return 0;

This is bash or shell

rajz@LordOfWarriors:~$ cd ../tamil/
rajz@LordOfWarriors:~$ ls
Desktop  Documents  Downloads  Dropbox  Music  Pictures  Public  Templates  Videos
rajz@LordOfWarriors:~$ pwd

okay, more later. Tata.