Use standard date and time format


My brother’s birth day is 11-04-1994. It is natural to get confused as 04-Nov if are an US/Europen citizen. :open_mouth: His birthday is on 11-April. :yum: So, it is always better write (or store in system) date unambiguously despite your locality. :thinking:


is my favourite for several reasons because it uses constant 11 chars. Prefer to prefix 0 if DD is single digit. You can do that to your pen signature as well. It is tamper proof. So, the right way is 11-Apr-1994 :sunglasses:


Similar thing goes for time as well. I am in India and we follow IST. There might be others who are reading it from a different time zone. You might have responded to email the next minute. But based on how email clients are configure might show a different time of you reply/received time. It compounds with AM+PM thing. So, let’s follow a 24 hours standard time along with mentioning your shift or your time zone. e.g GMT+0530 or IST. That way it is unambiguous.

HH:MM:SS GMT+/- hhss

If you are on linux,

date +"%d-%b-%Y %T (GMT%z)"
06-Jan-2021 18:31:38 (GMT+0530)
date +"%d-%b-%Y %T (%Z)"
06-Jan-2021 18:32:02 (IST)

Again this uses constant chars irrespective of date and time 24/7 (for another ~8000 years :sweat_smile:). By the way GMT and UTC mean the same.


Similarly, for currency: $ and Rs. Better to use USD or INR instead.

Let’s me stop here for now.

:mask: Up and stay safe.



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