Playing and tinkering with Mobile GPU's tools

These tools use android SDK’s adb tool underneath. Create an account to grab the tools. Not much are available public to play around. However, one needs a Snapdragon/Adreno GPU to tinker with Those are available for high-end mobiles only presently which I do not have.

- qualcomm 
1. profiler
2. SDK
$ sudo apt-get install libc++1
$ sudo apt-get install libc++abi1

$ sudo apt-get install openjdk-19-jdk
$ wget

extact and add to path
// no avilable for 22.04, sad!
sudo apt install mono-complete

build from src

tar xvf mono-$VERSION.tar.xz
cd mono-$VERSION
./configure --prefix=$PREFIX
make install

Go to and download the recommended version of nuget.exe under 
"Windows x86 Commandline" (this works with mono)
$ mono nuget.exe install gtksourcesharp -Version -OutputDirectory ~/.local/share/SDP

Some tool which does not have linux support are run using wine-type environment from the windows exe files. That’s wired!

Snap’s LLVM Compiler

  1. Extract!
  2. Export path
  3. ndk-build # but we need a project

  4. snapdragon-llvm-8.0.6-linux64.tar.gz
  5. adrenosdk-linux-5_0.tar.gz
  7. snapdragonprofiler_external_linux
  8. QualcommPackageManager3.
  11. adrenosdk_5_0-windows update:20-Mar-2024, 14:35:07 IST
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