Resolving ProtonVPN on linuxmint

Despite following ProtonVPN’s official documentation I want not able to make the GUI app working (loading forever and said Network issue detected or Network error.) whereas the protonvpn-cli worked right out of the box. It turns out that it is due to some library mismatch but I couldn’t fix.

SystemError: ffi_prep_closure(): bad user_data (it seems that the version  \
of the libffi library seen at runtime is different from the 'ffi.h'        \
file seen at compile-time)

I sought the help of the support team and it resolved the problem – to remove some cffi packages.

python3 -m pip uninstall cffi argon2-cffi  argon2-cffi-bindings

Let’s blaster! :wink:

★ 1 min read · Rajesh Pandian M · protonvpn , vpn , linuxmint , ubuntu