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Happen to see a few C++/HTML standards committee people using Bikeshed for writing drafts/proposal. Got to know from Bryce See how it looks. Just from bs file in git repo. Cool. Isn’t? May be we can use this for docs?

How to bikeshed or bikeshed!


I had an impression that HTML5 is a version of HTML standard. But..

the term “HTML5” is widely used as a buzzword to refer to modern webtechnologies, many of which (though by no means all) are developed at the WHATWG.

Quite surprised to read this from HTML standard. BTW, I suspect this is generated using bikeshed!?

The HTML Living Standard, which is developed by WHATWG, is the official version, while W3C HTML5 is no longer separate from WHATWG

Now W3C == WHATWG as said in WIKI


Ever since daring-fireball/John-Gruber introduced mark down. It became so popular. Everyone liked it because of its simplicity and usability. Even Reddit and GitHub rely on it!

There are other extensions of it.

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