CPP STL Enlightenment

C++ is moving so fast especially in the recent decade. I learned C++ without STL (in 2010’s) and only learned about STL containers much after 2014 (during my PG). There were lot of useful data structure such a set, map, vector, etc.

STL isn’t just about that. STL algorithms is a whole new world. I saw this Corner’s talk in CPPCON Algorithm Intuition and have learned a lot. This is a amazing talk!

I recommend one more – Jonathan Boccara’s talk on 105 STL Algorithms in Less Than an Hour

If you are writing CUDA or thrust programs, then I suggest one.

Basically, if we can solve problems with a the sequence of STL algorithms then that can be translated into CUDA/Thrust code easily using device_vector. But not problems exhibit this behaviour. But, the intuition to think and solve along those lines always help us with a better C++/Thrust code.

I am in :heart: with STL algorithms, recently.

There is new language called APL. WHAT! Yes. I have spelled it right. You can solve most of the competitive programming problems in just 1 or 2 lines. Watch more of his videos here OMG! :open_mouth:

Cheers, more later!

Head over the learn hello world APL

Updated: 09-Sep-2022 19:53:35

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