Creating beautiful code presentations

To make :heart: presentations effective, especially, for me while showcasing the incremental code changes for a particular function.. It is a must to have the visually appealing (diff) animation. The answer is Morph Transitions. Sadly, it is present in only on windows. I am a Linux user for 10+ years. Believe me, I have to install Windows inside my linux on VM. :S Would love to see this option in Google Slides or Open office. Okay, enough of the build-up. Steps are in a DIY-style.


  1. Make the first slide
  2. Duplicate
  3. Make changes
  4. Add morph to 2nd slide. with “words” as effect options. Reduce time to 1 second (for better viewing.)
  5. Tada done. okay, tata!

Step 1

Morph Animation! Not loaded

Step 2

Morph Animation! Not loaded

Step 3

Morph Animation! Not loaded

Step 4

Morph Animation! Not loaded


Morph Animation! Not loaded

PS- I have learned this a long time ago. But just got time to log it now.


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