Card game play - Rummy

Indian Rummy; 13 Cards Rummy or Points Rummy.


  1. Rummy
  2. Rummy with open joker




Meld is 3+ cards of seq/run or set! Note a set is 3 or 4!


Prioritize these first!

  1. Aim for pure sequence/run (original rummy)
  2. Aim for pure/impure sequence (or additional rummy or second run/seq)
  3. Aim if sets (or dummy) or pure/impure sequence possible
  4. Aim for 4th card
  5. If someone declared, rearrange to minimize your score points

OWN: Maximize your probability towards winning

Minimize points

Assuming you have a pure run and second sequence

  1. In a two impure sequence, keep joker to the largest sequence.
  2. In a 4 card meld, try to reuse start/end card to make a set
  3. In a 4+ card meld with stating/ending joker, reuse the joker to other melds
  4. In a 3 card meld (for 3rd) break to make set if any

  5. {2 :diamonds:, 3 :diamonds:, :black_joker:} {9 :hearts:, 10 :hearts:} Point=18 :fast_forward::fast_forward: {2 :diamonds:, 3 :diamonds:} {9 :hearts:, 10 :hearts:, :black_joker:} Points=5 2.

OTHER: Guessing opponents

// Todo

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